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Breuninger – Frazão

The duo consists of Laurent Albrecht Breuninger, a German violinist, and the Brazilian pianist Ana Flávia Frazão. They have offered a memorable set of performances at prestigious halls in Brazil since 2005. Brazilian concert music has been high on the duo's priorities. In 2012 they recorded Heitor Villa-Lobos' complete works for piano and violin; the album was released in Europe by Telos Music Records. They also recorded a CD and a DVD with works by Brazilian and French composers, which marked the 10th anniversary of the duo, in 2015.

“For a composer, it is a privilege to have a piece performed by such extraordinary instrumentalists, with the recording released on CD or DVD. Laurent Albrecht Breuninger and Ana Flávia Frazão combine technical expertise with a mature musical understanding that extols the virtues and the expressive content of a work.”

Edino Krieger / Brazilian composer, Rio de Janeiro, March 31, 2015

Masciadri - Frazão

The Brazilian pianist Ana Flávia Frazão and the Uruguayan double bassist Milton Masciadri became the Duo Masciadri-Frazão in July 2003, when they premiered at the International Music Festival of Londrina (Brazil). The musicians have performed at remarkable concert halls with some frequency since, including Sala Cecília Meireles (Rio de Janeiro) and Theatro São Pedro (Porto Alegre), as in other Brazilian cities such as Goiânia, Uberlândia, Belo Horizonte, João Pessoa, and Curitiba . The duo has also toured the United States, Argentina, Germany, Italy, and Croatia, always acclaimed by critics and an enthralled audience. 


Their repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary music, with an emphasis on Latin American compositions. In 2004 the duo recorded their debut album, Vocalize, with pieces by Zbigniew Henrique Morozowicz [known as Henrique de Curitiba], Villani-Côrtes, Enrique Granados, Dmitri Shostakovich, among others. More recently, in 2016, another CD, Miniaturas [Miniatures], was recorded by them and released in Brazil. 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 


“A sound that throbs in the soul of those who play echoes on throughout space, and then keeps throbbing with no words; we listen to it, we sense it deep down within us, so we commune with it in silence… What a perfect duo! Each performer seems to finish the other's rhythmic verve…unforgettable!”


Writer João Cezar Pierobon / Goiânia, Jornal Opção


city concerts

Implemented in 2006, “City Concerts” is a partnership between the Music School of the Federal University of Goiás (EMAC/UFG) and the Commerce Social Service (Sesc Goiás), a non-profit private institution in Brazil whose cultural actions are extended to all States. Through the program, experienced musicians with national and international credentials perform a concert every year, from April to December. An open rehearsal is also included. In 2008 “City Concerts” was granted by the State Commission on Cultural Affairs the Great Prize for its contributions to society.    

UFG Concerts

Founded in 2012, “UFG Concerts” consists of a series of concerts dedicated to foster chamber-music performance in Goiânia. The project's mission is to present music students with an experience that offers the opportunity of musical growth, as well as to introduce the whole community to a level of musical excellence on par with the best performances. “UFG Concerts” programming takes place at UFG's Cultural Center, often on Sundays, and is designed to provide a shared learning experience to all participants.

International Symposium on Music Performance

The purpose of the symposium is to enhance the community's interest in and access to concert music. Held biannually, the event helps to promote local, national, and international cultural events and culminates in a week of chamber music for strings and piano. Open rehearsals before every performance and lectures are also part of the program. One of the primary objectives is that classical music can be made broadly available to the community.


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